Xero™ Accounting Support

xero accounting

Xero™ is quickly gaining popularity among ecommerce business owners looking for a cloud accounting software that easily integrates with selling platforms like Amazon and Shopify. From simplified invoicing and inventory tracking to detailed reporting and a convenient dashboard, Xero offers all the features you need to organize your accounting and bookkeeping in real-time and feed it into our business intelligence tools.

As with any small business accounting program, getting Xero set up properly can be a little tricky if you're not tech-savvy and an accountant. That's why we perform the initial setup for all of our business clients. As a Certified Xero Partner, we're trained and qualified to make sure your data is being collected properly so you can monitor income and expenses throughout the year and easily file your taxes at year-end.

We encourage our clients to contact us for support when accounting questions arise. We'll show you how to create invoices and other day-to-day transactions, and be there to help you record complex business events and troubleshoot problems. If your data is not adding up but you can’t locate the issue, we'll get you up and running again in no time.

Take charge of your finances using Xero! Call Micro Accounting Partners at 503-705-5686 to get started now or request a free consultation online.

Xero accounting software support:

  • Xero software setup
  • Initial setup to map accounts correctly
  • Creating custom templates for invoices
  • Xero integration with business intelligence tools
  • Responsive Xero support by phone or email
  • Advice on time-saving shortcuts
  • Data file review and clean up